The challenges facing today’s airport security decision makers become ever more complex, as additional processes traditionally outside of their scope of responsibility have to be considered. These include passenger flow management, higher capacity aircrafts, differing passenger security classification criteria, legislative compliance and the increasing pressure of operational uptime and profitability.

The implementation of any comprehensive security policy usually involves a multilayered approach with the first line of defense being the surrounding airport perimeter, and inner layers, runways, the apron, ground services areas and terminals. Each of the areas is a complex of surveillance systems enabling the detection of threats by using a large array of sensors, optical, radar and RF, for threats by using automated analytic systems, which enable alarms and prevention in order to maintain a constant state of vigilance, ensuring the security of aircrafts and associated assets.

Modern airport security is a complex and dynamic subject, but, with the support of the right security solution provider, the most effective solution is more accessible than ever. AGM Airport experts and partners possess the necessary knowledge, global reach and project experience required to meet the demands of today’s airports.


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