AGM aviation represents excellence in aviation technology, engineering, and operation on any platform. AGM has vast experience with aircraft maintenance, upgrading, engineering and retrofitting. Our group has years of experience in designing and managing projects from the initial evaluation stage, to the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the complete system for any platform, military and/or civilian.


Self-Protection Systems (SPS) are available to the Military, VIP and commercial airliners. The systems are designed to enhance aircraft survivability in most challenging scenarios in a fully automatic operation with minimal aircraft integration.

We design comprehensive, customized anti-missile protection solutions, from the initial evaluation stage, to the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the complete system. With a solid track record in military protection systems, AGM adapted its technology to comply with Civil Aviation Regulations for VIP airplanes, Jets and Helicopters – the only company of its kind with STC (Supplement Type Certification) for anti-missile systems for several types of aircrafts.

Our SPS team has the expertise to deliver the safest solution for world leaders in governments and businesses.






From Vision to Mission

Providing engineered turnkey special mission solutions!

Airspace surveillance requires highly developed flying platforms and flexible solutions that can be integrated modularly into a variety of aircrafts. We have substantial experience in surveillance and reconnaissance special mission installation. You are welcome to challenge our team of aviation engineers and technicians with your requirements; from project management to design and engineering, from installation to certification; we at AGM Aviation provide turnkey solutions for your special mission requirements.


Main Solutions:

  • ISR – Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance
  • ASIO – Airborne Surveillance Intelligence & Observation System
  • Flight Inspection Systems
  • Environmental monitoring & Control
  • Search & Rescue /MEDEVAC
  • Digital Mapping & Photography
  • Additional Customized Solutions


ASIO is an airborne platform that provides decision makers and field commanders with accurate, real-time Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) information including Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT).

ASIO is highly customizable and can address diverse operational requirements including: terrestrial surveillance, maritime patrol and targeted monitoring. The solution can be installed on various aircrafts, with a wide range of sensors and subsystems, all integrated into a mission management system that provides a unified picture and real-time situational awareness.

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AGM develops transport and patient care solutions for hospitals, charter companies, military institutes and government-related agencies.

Through years of experience with the ADAC Medical Evacuation Service and Spectrum Aeromed R&D specialists, BBA Special Mission engineers outfit jets and turboprop aircraft with all the technical equipment required to create a flying ambulance. Advising on every aspect of selecting a trusted system for air emergency and recumbent transport, AGM will deliver a fully installed flying ambulance that meets your demands and is deployable globally – even in the most challenging medical environments.

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AGM can install complex photography equipment to your aircrafts, allowing you to meet the most demanding photography and mapping requirements. High resolution, Multi & Hyper Spectral cameras are used for many applications of environment monitoring, mapping, Forestry / Agriculture monitoring, weather control and many other applications.

AGM also provides maintenance and upkeep of the aircraft’s sensitive measurement instruments.

Various camera systems can be installed and used for:

  • Monitoring of power and gas lines
  • 3D Geo data gathering
  • Aerial photography and laser scanning
  • Weather monitoring and cloud seeding
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Helicopter upgrades, modernization or conversion is one of our core activities. The AGM aviation division has performed numerous projects on both civilian and military helicopters:

  •  SAR Configurations
  •  Special Mission, OPTIC and EW
  •  NVG Modification
  •  Self Protection Systems
  •  Weapons & Avionics


AGM AEROSPACE group has an aviation division with several MRO centers in Europe, which have been servicing, repairing and overhauling aircrafts for more than 20 years.

Servicing both private and corporate aircraft and performing hundreds of maintenance jobs each year, the aviation division is authorized for servicing a variety of different platforms and aircrafts. With vast experience and uncompromising standards AGM can boast a truly global client list, including aircraft owners from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries.

Our mechanics, technicians, and engineers specialize in a variety of private and commercial  jets  – ensuring you’re safe and ready to fly in no time.

Our Mro’s are authorized to perform aircraft modifications and provide registration, as well as apply for registration in additional countries on behalf of their customers, with international abilities and a wide range of authorizations.

Our services cover:

  • Depot maintenance in our Europe facilities
  • Dedicated Field Service Engineer – providing timely field  technical interpretations, onsite training and more
  • Repair Services – repair capabilities, both mechanical and electrical
  • Overhaul Services
  • Comprehensive fleet maintenance


We can help when you make the important decision to buy or sell an aircraft. Our specialized knowledge of the aircraft sales and acquisition business has helped pilots and owners find the best aircraft to suit their individual needs. We pride ourselves on personalized service and work with you to develop a unique plan for your sale or acquisition. AGM Aviation is a certified dealer and offers the added convenience of being a full-service FBO that provides a comprehensive suite of aviation services.

AGM aviation also provides interior refurbishments, customizing and refreshing of the interior in accordance with your style and requirements. This way you can gain the advantages of a pre-owned aircraft and enjoy it as if it was brand new!

UNMANNED Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Services


Intelligence, surveillance& Reconnaissance UAV, designed to perform all required ISR missions and the operational concept of independent Intelligence gathering within tactical or strategic range of operations.


High Resolution, Multi & Hyper Spectral payloads, allow to perform a variety of Mapping and Aerial Surveillance of large area applications, serving governments and commercial entities.


High endurance and long Flight duration allows monitoring tasks for law enforcement applications in a cost effective manner; missions like pipe/power line monitoring or border control are common and low cost using UAV services.


Operational availability allows for Inspection missions and Aerial surveillance for missions like firefighting support, or agriculture data. The use of different payload and multi sensors allows the independence of unified platforms for multi-mission services.

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